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How to Find the Perfect Travel Companion

How to Find the Perfect Travel Companion

I have been so lucky to find some amazing people to travel with throughout the years. But it is not always roses and sunshine. Things can go very wrong if you and your travel buddy clash.

So here are a few questions to ask when choosing your next travel partner:

1.       Budget—Does this person want to spend relatively the same amount of money as you?

Money issues are number one for potentials to create conflict. So discussing how each of you intends to spend money and how much, is very important. A $20 meal might seem like nothing to them but a lot to you.

2.       Travel Style—What is this person’s expectations of the activity level of the trip?

Does this person like to chill by the pool or go on a quad bike ride? Or maybe meet other travelers or locals? How much rest time do you each need? Your travel buddy might be envisioning a chill beach vaca but you might want to go explore the local market and nightlife.

3.       Planning—Is this person a planner or a go-with-the-flow person?

And how does that match up with how you work? Traveling can be done in lots of different ways and both planning and not planning have their perks. What do you usually prefer when it comes to plans? Do you want to create a schedule for the day? Or just let the day come as it does? Or somewhere in between. Your travel companion should have a similar style of planning a trip so that you can both feel like you have accomplished something that day.

4.       Conflict resolution—How do you and your travel partner deal with conflict?

Traveling can be a pressure cooker when it comes to stressful situations. And stress between travel buddies can completely ruin a trip. So make sure that this person is able to talk about uncomfortable feelings. Or that you are familiar enough with their conflict resolution stile that you can navigate emotionally charged situations successfully.

Note: Even if you choose your travel buddy soul mate, we are humans and things fall apart. Traveling with someone helps you learn about working together and becoming more adaptable. Just get ready to be flexible

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